The MD/PhD Program of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Topics in Molecular Medicine

Topics in Molecular Medicine is a core course for MD/PhD students where different UTHSC-H and MDACC faculty present research seminars throughout the year. The seminar uses selected topics in molecular medicine as a vehicle to introduce students to basic ideas of biomedical research, to the skills involved in evaluating the research literature and presenting data, and to the interplay between the research laboratory and the problems of clinical medicine. Students are expected to conduct literature reviews, make oral presentations of research papers, and participate in the discussions of each topic. The seminar also provides students an important venue to meet potential dissertation advisors and program directors.

Current Schedule – Summer, 2015

Topics in Molecular Medicine

Wednesdays, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m., MSB B.605 unless noted

June 3


GSBS Financial Services-Employee Health Insurance Sign-up (mandatory all MS or returning to MS students, PhD students do not need to attend)

June 10

1. Ryan Fortune

2. Andrew Peters

Faculty Moderator Dr Broaddus

June 17

1. Amanda Cernosek

2. Paloma Monroig

Faculty Moderator Dr Walters

June 24

1. David Savage

2. Arianexys Aquino

Faculty Moderator Dr Heidelberger

July 1

Orientation new MS1 students ONLY

July 8

1. Rocio Rivera

2. Sarah Wu

Elect new student representatives

Faculty Moderator Dr Milewicz

July 22

1. Pushan Dasgupta

2. Alejandro Villar

Faculty Moderator Dr Walters

July 29 *MOVED TO MSB 2.103

1. Charissa Kim

2. Maureen Aliru

Faculty Moderator Dr Lee

August 5 *MOVED TO MSB 2.103

1. Jamie Wright

2. Vincent Bernard

Faculty Moderator Dr Heidelberger

August 12

1. Marimar de la Cruz

2. Marisa Hornbaker

Faculty Moderator Dr Lee