The MD/PhD Program of The University of Texas Medical School at Houston and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Topics in Molecular Medicine

Topics in Molecular Medicine is a core course for MD/PhD students where different UTHSC-H and MDACC faculty present research seminars throughout the year. The seminar uses selected topics in molecular medicine as a vehicle to introduce students to basic ideas of biomedical research, to the skills involved in evaluating the research literature and presenting data, and to the interplay between the research laboratory and the problems of clinical medicine. Students are expected to conduct literature reviews, make oral presentations of research papers, and participate in the discussions of each topic. The seminar also provides students an important venue to meet potential dissertation advisors.

Current Schedule – Spring, 2014

Topics in Molecular Medicine

Wednesdays, 4:00 to 5:30 p.m., Medical School Building room B.625

JANUARY 15th & 22nd

Dr Shane Cunha, PhD

Assistant Professor, Integrative Biology and Pharmacology, UTHSC   

Student Presenters: Nick Parchim, Ryan Cassidy


Dr Ashley Hood, PhD, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

         NIH grant opportunities for MD/PhD students

February 5th Affiliating with a PhD Program – various Program Directors

FEBRUARY 12th & 19th

Dr Qingchun Tong, PhD

Assistant Professor, Endocrinology-Institute of Molecular Medicine, UTHSC

Student Presenters: Christian Dove, Henry Wu

FEBRUARY 26th   No Class

MARCH 5th     

Dr Latanya Love and Dr Pedro Mancias

         Diversity and Inclusion

MARCH 12th   Special Guest (this class may also be moved to Friday, March 15th depending on scheduling)

MARCH 19th  & 26th

Dr Valentin Dragoi, PhD

Associate Professor, Neurobiology and Anatomy, UTHSC   

Student Presenters:  Carson Callahan, Charles Beaman


Affiliating with a PhD Program – various Program Directors

APRIL 9th  & 16th

Dr Laszlo Radvanyi, PhD

Associate Professor, Melanoma Medical Oncology, MDACC

         Student Presenters:  Deb Silverman, David Rushworth

APRIL 23rd  & 30th 

Dr Cassian Yee, MD

Professor, Melanoma Medical Oncology and Immunology, MDACC   

Student Presenters: BK Kim, Adam Wolfe

May 7th           Senior Advising Panel-Javier, Thuy, Brandon